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Tomasz K. Sommer

Author Archive: Tomasz K. Sommer

Tomasz K. Sommer is the Editor-in-Chief and co-owner of the weekly magazine Najwyższy Czas! Previously he was a journalist for the Warsaw daily Express Wieczorny, Academic Weekly Auditorium, Nowy Świat and Życie. He was a contributing writer to Lux and later the Editor-in-Chief. Dr. Sommer also worked for the Foreign Department of Super Express for six years. In 2002 he co-founded the 2S Media group which owns the German and Polish language editions of monthly GIGA Sport. He is the Vice-President of the Instytut Globalizacji [Globalization Institute], a free-market think tank based in Gliwice. In 2011 Difin Publishing House ranked the Globalization Institute as one of the most important policy institutes in Poland and Gazeta Finansowa awarded it First Prize in 2009. In 2010 Dr. Sommer published Rozstrzelać Polaków: Ludobójstwo Polaków w Związku Sowieckim w latach 1937-1938: Dokumenty z Centrali [Execute the Poles: The Genocide of Poles in the Soviet Union 1937-1938: Documents from Headquarters]. This groundbreaking book was based on official Soviet documents made available by Memorial in Moscow after the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc Communist countries and includes NKVD Order No. 00485 that resulted in the execution of 111,091 ethnic Poles in the USSR.

Dr. Sommer was educated at University of Warsaw (M.A.) and the Polish Academy of Sciences (Ph.D).